Fort Pierce Surfing Forecast Report

Surf Report: Know Your Conditions

A Surf Report Leads to Great WavesA surfing report provides you with an idea of what the conditions are going to be out on the water. Knowing the surf forecast can help you determine the right location to travel to and the right board to bring. Further, reviewing the surf conditions from the beach also prepares the surfer for potentially hazardous situations.

At Sunshine Surf School we encourage surfers to have a good time, but we also hold safety as a priority. If you are planning to join us for a lesson or summer camp, review the report below to know what the conditions will be like. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids the day before your lesson and eat a healthy, but light breakfast. Whether it is 65 degrees or 92, be sure to apply sunscreen or wear a rash guard during your lesson. If you need either of these items, head over to our Spunky’s Surf Shop. Spunky is a true friend and has a great selection of recreational and boutique items.