Gift Certificates & Packages

Gift Certificates

Purchasing gift certificates or a surf lesson package is the perfect gift for your friends and/or loved ones to celebrate their birthday or a holiday.

Surf Lesson Package

A surf lesson package is a great way to save money on multiple lessons. Often times, beginning surfers need the opportunity to get into the water multiple times in order to gain the proper skills and recall the knowledge necessary for surfing on their own.

Sunshine Surf School

Either beginners or more advanced surfers can benefit from surfing lessons with an experienced surfer. There are many individuals that have entered Sunshine Surf School with little knowledge on the art of surfing, but they leave equipped with the knowledge necessary to get up on a wave. Instructor Jay Todd seeks to build upon the desire of a surfer to grow in their skill, experience the stoke, and advance on to competition.

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*All lessons are 1 ½ hours.